On November 4, 2011….the IABC-LA Chapter celebrated in unusual yet fun style for its second “Holiday Murder Mystery Luncheon” at the DoubleTree Hotel in Culver City.  Chapter President Paula Cassin used the alias “Wonder Woman” while other chapter members each had an alias name which helped make the festivities fun and lively.  “Detectives” were full of banter and remarks while engaging members and revealing clues, making for a great show.  And yes, the gospel-singing Cheryl Farrell was a suspect this year!  Chapter members enjoyed a tasty three-course lunch while connecting and celebrating some holiday cheer, all surrounding a dead-body tape mark on the floor!

Chapter member attendees included Membership Chair, Dana Edler, using the alias “Doris Day.”  Cheryl Farrell sang briefly for the detectives and all of us…very, very talented…suspect!  We had more alias names from chapter members such as Brianna Sharpe’s “Tinkerbelle” and Keri Bonner’s “Piglet”.  “Obama” and Michelle were a great team, “Eagle Dancer” and member Greg Cash gave the host and detectives a bit of a challenge in answering questions with smart comebacks.  Rebecca and Tom Mikkelsen were “Orville” and “Wilbur” Wright Brothers. Elodie was back this year and her “Lois Lane” alias dug into interrogation questions. And Bill “O’Cocker” Spaniel wore his Sherlock Holmes baseball caps again and his colorful nickname alias.  Check out the video for Steve Cassin’s nickname!

This is “Lisbeth Salander” wishing everyone fun holidays and perhaps a dragon tattoo to go along with hunting down suspects!