Social Business vs. Social Media: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter? (webinar)

Register below to watch our recorded Learning Lounge webinar with social business expert Justin Levy about the ongoing evolution of how social technologies are used, viewed and leveraged within organizations. Far from its origins as a simple and useful communication and networking tool, this area of our profession has grown into something much more powerful, with the potential to revolutionize not just communications but the very way we build and manage our businesses.

Justin heads up global social media at Citrix, where he is an advisor on all social media activities across the company. Justin works on a wide range of projects, developing social media strategies and helping to scale social media across the company. Much of his time time is spent designing flexible frameworks, educational programs and governance processes that are foundational building blocks that team, regional or campaign-level strategies can be built on top of.

Prior to joining Citrix, Justin was an Executive Director at New Marketing Labs, a social media and digital communications agency where he worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 brands to small-to-medium sized businesses including: SAS, Sony, PepsiCo and several others. He is the author of the bestselling book, Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign.

Open for members to view. Register here to watch the recording:

About the IABC-LA Learning Lounge

IABC Los Angeles is proud to host this monthly series of online webinars for communications professionals in Southern California and around the world. Every month, we gather together from our homes and offices to learn from experts in our field, share best practices and build relationships with colleagues across the communication profession. Each Learning Lounge is a conversation about the trends and issues that are on YOUR mind, as well as sharing ideas and best practices with one another. It is a convenient, fun way to learn something new, get inspired or just enjoy getting to meet other communication professionals.  Since it’s an online event, you can join from anywhere – so grab some lunch and join us from the comfort of your office, home or wherever you’re at.

“IABC-LA Learning Lounge: Hot Topics in Communications” Engages and Informs

On November 18, 2014, the chapter kicked off a new online event series “IABC-LA Learning Lounge: Hot Topics in Communications.”  In one pithy and productive lunch hour, IABC-LA members shared experience on social media, intranet engagement and career advancement. The online event format allowed for very efficient and effective resource sharing, and most of all, for members to reach out to other members to gain more fluency in a particular platform, software or resource.  Board Member Nick Duggan of Citrix hosted the webinar.

Highlights included:

  • An in-depth discussion on whether or not larger companies engage social media, both externally and internally.
    • Challenges faced by members included: social media generally used yet compliance, info security and corporate reputation issues (Board Member Vinca Russell of Amgen), how to get C-suite execs involved and model productive social media behavior; external corporate social media communities thrive yet internal communities are challenged.
    • What’s working: Merging/blending social media with real world events as a cornerstone comms strategy (not an offshoot).
    • Bill Spaniel complimented Janie Warren of Disney’s “dig-deep usage” of social media. Janie said it’s a work-in-progress at Disney to use social media tools that fully engage employees.
  • “SharePoint is so ubiquitous.” stated IABCLA President Mike Spasoff. He noted most major companies are not as educated on the competition. So what’s emerging in the intranet world?
    • Jive got Rebecca Gallagher’s attention in terms of it’s internal security benefits.
    • Igloo specifically markets itself against SharePoint. “Igloo is an intranet you’ll actually like” is the tagline.
    • Denise Pierre recommends
    • Nick Duggan of Citrix stated it takes 2-3 years for a new system to be embraced by employees or an audience. Change is hard. Yet benefits those who resist it the most, initially. Leslie Dodson of Kaiser Permanente noted KP had to take something away in order to put something in place. KP took a paper system away that did not facilitate sharing of information in a truly engaged way. While an uproar happened initially, now KP physicians “can’t live without the portal.”

Everyone on the call got at least one very valuable resource takeaway to use in his/her respective work environment.

What’s on your communications mind? The IABC-LA Learning Lounge: Hot Topics in Communications webinar series invites you to engage, discover and gain resources to conquer your next communications challenge…while helping another member!

April 7 Host to Tackle Internal Comm & Social Media

“Companies are only now beginning to realize that they need to devote considerable attention to internal communication, i.e., with their employees, making use of various social networking tools.”  Dr. Ernest Greene, Professor of Psychology and Program Director, Master’s in Human Behavior, who will co-host the April 7 Social Media Advanced Skills Huddle (“SMASH” conference) and the IABC-LA meeting immediately afterward.

Can’t attend the all-day SMASH conference?  Join us for the IABC meeting directly afterward to hear a brief recap from SMASH speakers Sally Falkow and Michael Terpin.  It’s April 7 from 5-7 p.m. at USC and everyone is welcome.  Here’s more from Ernest:

Q: Can you identify a common obstacle communications strategists typically encounter when deploying social media, maybe one you hope to address at SMASH?

A:  I think that the amount of time it takes to properly interface with audience feedback comes as a great surprise.  Also, the potential target audience actually consists of numerous target audiences, and the message should be tailored for each.  This takes considerable forethought as well as the ability to make adjustments on the fly.  Far more work than is generally assumed.

Q:  As social media evolves, do you anticipate any trends developing specifically in the application of corporate communications?

A:  Companies are only now beginning to realize that they need to devote considerable attention to internal communication, i.e., with their employees, making use of various social networking tools.  So corporate communications must now realize that they not only need to have effective messaging to external target audiences, but also to one or more internal target audiences.

Q:  What can students expect to learn at the SMASH conference?

A:  Principles and “best practices” that are at the cutting edge of advertising, public relations, marketing, and corporate communications.

Q:  What networking opportunities will the SMASH conference make available to students?

A:  Meeting potential internship sponsors and future employers.