On March 2, 2010, IABC-LA spoke “adesione!” meaning “membership!” at Il Fornaio Authentic Italian Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.  Board members, chapter members, re-invested members, volunteers, and members’ guests were networking and celebrating the chapter’s March Membership Month and enjoying qualifica di membro discussion over red wine and artichoke sausage tarts.

On a cool, rainy evening, members were treated to a warm and red-wine toasty room with welcomes from South Bay Events Chair, Myra Jolivet and Chapter President, Paula Cassin.  Both Myra and Paula gave a nod to the friendliness and accessibility of the professional chapter’s business vibe.  The event was enhanced by vibrant, richly colored still photographs taken by our new chapter sponsor and member, Ed Carreon of Ed Carreon Photography, who brought his talented PhotoShop-savvy assistant and large format Mac monitor.  The still photos team displayed gorgeous images of the lively crowd as conversations continued and new connections were made.  We’ll see ourselves, guests and events on our new and improved website.

The chapter raffled some prize wine and other donated premiums from Staples and other sponsors, allowing winners and chapter members Charlotte Lassos and Catherine Trout to leave with more than just business cards.  A special thanks to new chapter volunteers Geoff Thomas for his dedicated volunteer hours with Pamela Corante on the Membership Committee, and Danielle Grossman for her terrific assistant work with Paula regarding the new website.

Paula spoke about the “collegial” atmosphere of the chapter.  The room was truly a mix of members and members-to-be, checking out the festivities.  It was great to see and hear membership news Membership Committee Chair, Pamela Corante (a true foodie and weekend “market maven” …check out Pamela’s “Market Maven” blog!). PR Chair Tyler Jacobson chatted with Jocelyn Nguyen who has announced she’s joining after her trip back from Vietnam in a few weeks!  Communications Chair Cheryl Farrell enjoyed her Vanna White stint handing out raffle prizes. (Advanced USC degree-ed Cheryl can sing professionally,too, when she’s not creating outstanding writing and communications.)

We also welcomed recruitment expert and member, Susan San Martin, and her guest, Shellee Smith.  We were delighted to see members John Merryman, Kerry Bonner, Blaise Tracy, Seran Williams, Holly Fazio, and Steve Wellington.  Guests of members included Christina Cha, Ann Giblin, Charlotte Lassos, Ed Smallman of Loyola Marymount, Glenda and Brittany Wellington, Janet Herin and Francesca Mueller…all enjoying a taste of the chapter’s benefits.

Big thanks to the ever-talented Myra Jolivet for a lovely Italian networking evening!! Condizione di socio!!