In recent months, the IABC international executive board has undertaken a thorough review of the accreditation program and its role in supporting the professional development of members. Now in the final phase of the review process, a greatly improved accreditation program is scheduled to launch in mid-2013.

With that in mind, the board has announced that it has halted (as of Sept. 1, 2012) acceptance of applications for accreditation of any kind – including individual candidates and Accreditation Completion Program (ACP) groups – until the new program is in place. The application process will resume after the launch of the new program.

The IABC Accreditation Committee has distributed the following questions and answers:

Why was the decision made to suspend applications?

There is never a good time to stop something that has been going on for decades. The International Executive Board (IEB) deemed it best to deal with this issue as early as possible in the chapter year to minimize impact to chapter program schedules and regional conference agendas and to allow local and regional leaders the time to make revisions.

Will the suspension affect current accreditation candidates in completing the program?

No. The suspension does not affect candidates already in the accreditation program. The current program will remain in force for current candidates who are submitting portfolios and studying for their accreditation exams. Accredited members will continue to serve as mentors, portfolio evaluators and exam assessors. We will do everything possible to help candidates earn the ABC designation before the new program begins in mid-2013. 

Will this suspension affect the amnesty program that was announced recently?

No. The amnesty program applies to candidates who have already started the accreditation program. It provides members who began the program between January 2008 and January 2011 the opportunity to complete it without paying any additional fees.

Providing professional development opportunities to members continues to be among IABC’s top priorities. Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to the professional development staff via