Tery Amaya first joined IABC in 2016 while a graduate student at USC. Post-graduation, she joined the IABC Los Angeles Chapter in an effort to stay connected to communications and to gain experience serving on a professional board. As the Vice President of Networking Events for IABC Los Angeles, Tery helps develop networking and professional development events that bring together professionals of all levels across greater Los Angeles.

Outside of IABCLA, Tery is focused on streamlining communications across the Los Angeles County homeless response system through strategic and visual communication. In this role, she leads various efforts through purpose, creativity, and collaboration.

“I am grateful for IABCLA because serving on the board has taught me to get out of my comfort zone, learn new skills, and take on new roles. Through IABCLA, I have also been able to build a professional comms network that is made up of such talented individuals and allows me to give back by mentoring recent graduate students.”