Thank you to Roxy Tomacder, an IABCLA member and an experienced communications practitioner, for presenting “Think Like a Gift-Giver! A Practical Approach for Impactful Communications” to the chapter in December.  

Roxy discussed how to communicate in meaningful ways so that your audience stays engaged. She led a similar talk at this year’s IABC World Conference. 

She asked that we share the following materials from the event:

  • “Think Like a Gift-Giver! A Practical Approach for Impactful Communications”: these are slides Roxy spoke from during the gathering, and the pages offer advice on planning and crafting content. 
  • Know Your WHO: these are key areas to identify before engaging with your audience, such as demographics, psychographics, and assess reach.
  • Content Fuel Framework: this touches on focuses, formats and multipliers, and all are also comms considerations. 

Click here to download the documents.

We trust these items will help you achieve your communications goals and objectives in 2022! Happy holidays from everyone at IABCLA!