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IABCLA’s Freelancer Roundtable offers tips on being an independent communicator

By Eli NatinskyIABCLA Vice President/President-Elect Thank you to Jake White, principal consultant of Zaptin Communications, who hosted IABCLA’s Roundtable for Freelancers on June 26 via Zoom. He shared stories from his time as an independent communicator and...

Time to do the (Internal) Work

I haven’t been able to watch the recording of George Floyd’s murder. I’ve seen the still images. I’ve read the transcript. It’s been over a month, and I still don’t have the courage. But it’s a courage that, somehow, we expect our Black colleagues to muster every...

Volunteer Spotlight: Whitley Crawford

Whitley Crawford helps IABCLA with ideas for future meetings and functions. She is helping build our popular Coffee Connections to become a great network for people to learn and share new skills. She is starting a marketing company that focuses on placing freelancers...

This Pandemic is a Communications Emergency

This week’s New Yorker magazine had a riveting article about how coronavirus outcomes varied because of the way doctors communicate in a public health crisis. One sentence jumps out: One of the E.I.S.’s core principles is that a pandemic is a communications...

Trust and Structure Are Keys to Effective Team Building

By Eli Natinsky IABCLA Vice President / President-Elect What are your experiences working on a team? What makes a team work well? What might get in the way of a team working well? Those are some of the questions IABCLA board member Ephraim Freed asks when he...


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