Nicole Maury

Nicole Maury


Consultant – Creative Communications Generalist & Artworks Consultant

IABC Member Since 2007

Nicole Maury is currently working as an artworks consultant for Signature Group Holdings, Inc. and Signature Capital Advisers, A financial services company specializing in mid-market commercial finance, managing the disposition and sale of an over $3 million-valued fine arts photography collection, as well as advising on facilities design.  What used to be one of her favorite addendum responsiblities…curating a corporate artworks collection, has now become a portion of her creative consulting business. Nicole’s sales of these artworks will include social media communications strategies learned through IABC.  Like other IABC professionals, her career path is comprised of diversified corporate communications experience as well as small business marketing and sales development. Nicole is a highly creative marketing and communications professional with expertise in strategic project planning, content development and implementation, as well as event and social media video production.  She is an excellent problem-solver with a strong grasp of audience persona and new rules marketing techniques.

New York, New York

Current residence
Santa Monica, California

Favorite quote

“In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
—Eric Hoffer

Three words that best describe me
Resourceful. Creative. Analytical.

When I’m not working, you can find me
At Santa Monica Beach with my favorite person, my son.


The biggest communications challenge I have faced in my current (or previous) role was…
The biggest communications challenge for me is accepting that being a creative communications generalist is a good thing!  It’s allowed me to learn by action, by curiousity and by physically doing…rather than just taking a class and being taught everything you’re doing wrong…which is intrinsically not creative at its core.

My favorite communications memory is…

While a corporate communications director, I was also the curator of an extraordinary fine arts collection of Ansel Adams photography and other photographers. The company published an annual reproduction print, for more than 30 years. While there were many complex and engaging projects over the years, the annual card brought a simple, consistent joy to business associates during boom times as well as challenging times.

The most important communications or professional lesson I’ve learned is…

I have learned to repel 80 percent of my perceived market in order to truly engage 20 percent of my market. This goes against the grain of traditional marketing in a sense, yet creates a substantive market that buzzes and resonates outwards, as opposed to fading out from being overly expansive and vague.

Resources that I really find useful and recommend to other communicators are…

I recommend the marketing resources of Eben Pagan (“Guru MasterMind” and “Get Altitude”). While his alter ego, David DiAngelo, is a dating expert, Pagan has been evolving his globally recognized company past the “dating guru guy.” He now helps professionals create persuasive online marketing, profitable businesses, and powerful online writing that sells.

Pagan’s marketing seminars provide great detail. Social media in marketing is explored in-depth through his expert guests—some are very smart women marketers. He’s also globally conscious. For example, if you were not in your seat after each break by the music countdown on the screen, you were required to place $20 in a glass bowl. By the end of the weekend, $3,600 was collected to help others dig four water wells in African villages.

A few more thoughts about me…
I am an active volunteer event videographer and event summary writer for IABC-Los Angeles. I also reach out to new and existing members through welcome and anniversary phone calls…I enjoy getting to know these highly diversified and talented communicators.  I sincerely thank the association’s members for reaching out to me during times of career transition and showing me how it’s done.

Oh, How Far I’ve Come (Career Highlights)

In her former role as corporate communications director with Fremont General Corporation, a financial services company, Nicole designed and implemented CFO presentations for investors and analysts, produced and wrote employee benefits communications, and managed annual reports and investor-relations materials. She has extensive graphic production management experience as well as marketing communications, corporate identity, and video production. Her company hospitality experience includes major financial services conferences as well as premier golf events. Nicole looks forward to a continued investment in both traditional and unconventional education. Her philosophy, “The business communications world works better with the goal of aligning each person’s talents, skills and values with what we want to do, not have to do.” Nicole is completing a Business Marketing degree from University of Phoenix, and is versed in Web 2.0 technologies to increase corporate presence through social media.

This profile was edited by IABC-LA board member Cheryl Farrell.