IABC eXchange

The IABC eXchange is an online tool that connects the popular WordPress blogging platform with the IABC member database of more than 15,400 communicators.  This allows you to create private websites and grant access to specific members with the press of a button.

  • Invite your colleagues to collaborate or share documents online
  • Develop a private blog that only your personal IABC friends can view
  • Create a newsletter and invite members in your area to subscribe

You control the content and who gets to see it. 

The eXchange also lets your create a traditional blog and make it visible to the whole world or to IABC members only.

Whether it’s work related, IABC-related or purely personal, the IABC eXchange gives you the power to express yourself.  Invite as many as you’d like to join the conversation.

To learn more, visit about eXchange or learn more through eXchange tutorial videos. You must be an IABC-LA member to access and use eXchange.

Not yet a member? Join IABC to get access to the IABC eXchange community.