After reviewing content consumption habits of communication professionals across different industries, gaining feedback from IABC members, and researching how traditional print media outlets (e.g., Newsweek) are making the switch to digital, IABC has decided to move its bimonthly magazine CW (Communication World) to a digital format beginning in May.

The change in format will allow us to publish more frequently: We’ll switch from a bimonthly to a monthly publishing schedule. In addition, the changes will entail more than simply posting a .pdf version of a traditional magazine online.

The new CW will be more dynamic with videos, slideshows, infographics and all of the rich content to which you’ve grown accustomed. It will also be formatted to read on your smartphone, iPad or other tablet. You’ll be able to read it anytime, anywhere. Further, if you still want the print version, you’ll be able to print a copy.